Womack Consulting Group

Dream. Plan. Act.

The Process

Womack Consulting Group uses the following process:

  • Contact us to request a complimentary consultation
  • Be available at the agreed upon time to discuss your business/brand/project
    • Appointments are available by phone or at our office in the Innovation Depot (1500 1st Ave North, Birmingham AL)
  • Womack Consulting Group (WCG) will prepare a proposal of the services to be completed by our firm based upon your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION.  Once the proposal is submitted, your organization will have the opportunity to review the listing of services as well as the fee for those services and the length of the proposed engagement.
  • Once the proposal is agreed upon by both parties, the contract is signed and the specified portion of the consulting fee is paid; we will enter into an engagement.
  • Next, WCG will spend time getting to know more about your business and its operations.  This is one of the most important steps because it allows us to present customized solutions to the issues that we have discussed.  Otherwise, we would be guessing as to what will or will not be effective for your organization to implement.
  • WCG will then begin making recommendations and working with you to create strategies to implement those recommendations.
  • Upon completion of our engagement, you will receive a written summary of our work together.  Any additional services that you require, outside of our original agreement, may result in an additional fee and/or an extension of the engagement period.  No such decisions will be made unless agreed upon by both parties.

 Visit WomackCG.com to request your Complimentary Consultation!

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