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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a consultant?

A Consultant is an expert or specialist hired by organization to complete a specific project within a specified time frame and within a preset budget.

Why do I need a consultant versus hiring a full time or part time employee?

Many organizations find that hiring a consultant is not only less expensive, because you don’t have to pay their taxes or provide them benefits, but also because it is not necessary to find tasks to occupy their time once the project is complete.  It is also not necessary to invest time training them.  Consultants usually specialize in different areas and draw from their experiences and education to provide solutions to your organization’s problems.  You also have a better chance of receiving an unbiased opinion of your organization because the consultant is not an employee.

How much will it cost?

Your fee will depend upon the scope, complexity and amount of time required to resolve your problem.  Many consultants work at an hourly rate, a day rate or a fixed rate for a specific project.  You and the consultant will decide which is most cost effective for the organization based upon the parameters of the project.

Does my existing business need a business plan?

All businesses should have a business plan or a strategic plan.  This document can be an internal document for the owners and managers of the organization to ensure everyone is aware of the mission, vision and goals of the organization.  The document should be updated annually because many elements will change during the course of a year doing business.

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is designed to provide your organization with a written guideline of how your marketing and advertising dollars will be spent to achieve your sales goals.  It will detail what collateral is necessary and how it will be used as well as provide an analysis of the most effective means of getting your message to your target audience.

Why do I need a marketing plan?

A marketing plan, much like a business plan or financial goals, is necessary to ensure your company’s message is clear, concise and consistently communicated to your target market.  It can be confusing to your customers as well as to your organization when mixed messages are being sent and there is no clear identity for the company.  A marketing plan will help you understand who you are, what sets you apart from your competition and ensure dollars are not being spent unnecessarily.

As a political candidate, can you guarantee that I will win?

No, the role of a political consultant is to assist you and your team with devising a strategy to increase your probability of success.  Many candidates spend countless hours and thousands of dollars engaged in activities that will not translate into votes on election day.  Additionally, candidates have failed to realize the evolution of political marketing with the increased use of social media.  WCG will help you to devise a plan that uses your time and financial resources efficiently.

Will you help my not for profit with its tax situation?

WCG provides organizational assistance to not for profits to assist them with executing their programs, creating fundraisers, developing their Board of Directors and managing the volunteers.  We do not work on your taxes, however, we can assist with finding a reputable Accountant.

How long will this process take?

A typical engagement can last between three months to one year; however, it will depend upon the scope and complexity of your case as well as the consultant’s accessibility to the point person.  During the implementation phase, it will be necessary for the point person to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the recommendations.  What looks good on paper does not always translate well in reality.  WCG is committed to ensuring that feasible recommendations are implemented to ensure the success of your organization.

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