Since I have started rebuilding my consulting business, I have created profiles on some of the more popular freelancer websites to find new projects. For the most part, the experiences have been positive with only a few setbacks. As an employer looking for inexpensive work, there are a few things you should consider when thinking about hiring freelancers:

  1. You get what you pay for. Bidding $5 on a logo can be great if you want a generic design but if your business requires something more custom, you will have to pay more. I have some very low bids for my services on these sites because the deliverables will be stock and template based. Customers who want something more unique should plan to pay more.
  2. Timing is everything. Most freelancers will complete your project in a short timeframe because of number one. They are using stock and templates for your project. Do not expect them to spend a lot of time with you on your project unless you are paying a premium price. To make your project attractive for service workers to bid on, have reasonable goals for not just the price you are willing to pay but also for the time you expect the work to be completed.
  3. Understand the site fees. Most of the sites will charge the user and the buyer a fee for using their platform. Be aware of the fees prior to posting the position and be sure you are ready to follow through. Some sites change the fee to the buyer of the service while others build it into the bid price. As a work around to paying the fees, I have noticed some buyers request contact outside of the platform. When setting your budget for your project, make sure the fee is included.
  4. Check references. It is a good idea to see samples of the work from the freelancers that you want to hire. Don’t be afraid to ask for links to design portfolios or writing samples. It may take a little extra time to do some research but it can be beneficial in the long run to know the quality of work you are getting.

Check out some of my freelance offerings. These are sites that I trust to post positions and bid on projects. Share your favorite freelancer sites in the comments. – LaKeshaWomack