A large part of building your brand and managing it involves knowing what people are saying about you.  We often use our websites, blogs and social media sites to put out a message about our brands but how do you know what others are saying about you?

Check out Google Alerts

Google Alerts are emails sent to you when Google finds new results — such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs — that match your search term. You can use Google Alerts to monitor anything on the Web. For example, people use Google Alerts to:

  • find out what is being said about their company or product.
  • monitor a developing news story.
  • keep up to date on a competitor or industry.
  • get the latest news on a celebrity or sports team.
  • find out what’s being said about themselves.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You enter a query that you’re interested in.
  2. Google Alerts checks regularly to see if there are new results for your query.
  3. If there are new results, Google Alerts sends them to you in an email.

I have found this system to be extremely easy to set up and manage.  I am able to control which alerts I receive and how frequently.  Most importantly, if there is any “news” about me or my brand that is showing up in search engines, I’m not the last to know about it.

Try it out and let me know what you think… Or if you are already using it, do you find it to be a useful tool?